Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tealight Packs

These are my little Tealights, all grown up and packaged, ready to go out on their own into the world!
I've chosen to put them into packs of 4 for a couple of reasons...
1. They fit neatly into plastic bags I already had - so I didn't have to buy another 5000 bags in a different size from my packaging supplier!
2. The durn things cost me almost $2 each to make and so to make them into a 6 pack, I felt, would have priced them out of the market.
3. Cause I could! No seriously, I kind of like the smaller packs - I think they will make great stocking fillers.
All of this is gearing me towards the upcoming Niche Markets at the end of November. This time around it's a 3 day markets and so trying to 'guestimate' what to make and how much has been a challenge.
I think I have finally got a list of products to make up and am just double checking I now have enough stock to make it all!
And with Christmas looming, I don't think I am the only one who is feeling like we need to get a wiggle on and start getting organised.
How does these things come around so quickly.
On a completely different note.... did anyone see Spicks and Specks last night (21st Oct)? They had a young Australian singer on there named Megan Washington. Such an amazing voice!! Check her out on youTube here and here....


n o o k said...

These look great Annie!
I watched Spics & Spec's lastnight too. Megan Washington has an amazing voice hey :)

innerearthsoaps said...

Looking good! I like the 4-packs, they look nice and neat :)

Pam said...

Four in a pack seems fine to me Annie. They look great.