Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Fashion for tots...

I just had to get a picture of this little outfit on here for all to see. We have been blessed with a recent addition to the family (Riley) from one of Drew's cousins and are also expecting another bub for his brother come June/July. I tapped into the wonderful resource that is my Mother to knit up something fit for these little bundles of joy. I posted off a similar outfit this morning to Riley's folks (I should have gotten a photo as well) and this will head off soon to Melbourne.
It is tiny!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Packing Boxes and Packing Tape.....

Our house here in Brisbane is looking more and more like a warehouse with packing boxes filling every room!
Who would have though that much stuff had accumulated and how many boxes it takes to empty a room!
Still we are getting closer to our settlement date (the 29th Jan) and my flight down to Tassie on the 7th. Hubby will drive down in our car with his father taking up the role of co-pilot.
Have booked our two pussycats into the 'cat hilton' for a few weeks while we move and set up again in our new home. They have never been kennelled before and so have a challenging time ahead.
This is Joseph. He likes sleeping, snoozing, resting his eyes, catching some ZZZZ's, reclining and most of all getting a little shut eye. He is also a master of what we have come to call the 'defrosting chicken' pose. Picture him flat on his back, spreadeagled with four paws in the air - now picture the four paws slowly sinking towards the ground as he falls asleep.
Will have to get a picture and post it.

Our youngest is Spud. A little flighty, a little spacey (he's blond) and a whole lotta 'smooch'!
We got them both from RSPCA and they have been the other half of our family for going on eight years now.
Spoilt? Maybe. Loved? Definitely!
We are looking forward to introducing them to true cold and maybe even snow! They are going to be little puffballs when their coats fill out again!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Cheerio Brisvegas!!!

I did my last markets (Designers Emporium) yesterday for Brisbane.
What an awesome group of people I have been lucky to meet and get to know. It's been a while since I could truly feel at ease being just me. So the whole experience has been very appreciated.
I managed to clear the majority of my stock so I am glad of that too. Thanks go to a good friend, Andrea, and her family who came to visit and bought just about everything!!
There were only six stalls, so very quiet, but a fun day anyway as we got to chat all day long!
Some of the other great stalls there were:
Mags Bags ( run by Maggie, a lovely lady who makes the loveliest handmade bags. I now own two!!

Cloth to Creation ( run by Pam and Co who make some amazing things with vintage cloths and fabrics as well.
There are too many talented people to mention, but I wish them all the very best for the new year.
I can't wait to hit Tassie and start building my business there as well!

Now we get down to the nitty gritty of packing our life up and shifting it south. We only just found out today that our removalists want a fully itemised list on each carton we pack! Poor hubby Drew, who has been powering through the packing, was a little annoyed.
But we have a month before the move so there is time.
All the best to everyone for 2009 - looking forward to what the new year might bring!