Saturday, 10 October 2009

Recovering nicely....

Wow! Thank you to all who posted comments on my last blog entry - I certainly appreciate everyones concern!
So here's an update on how I am 'recovering' from my Chinese massage torture... I mean treatment!!
The bruises will be with me for some time yet I think, but I am happy to announce that I am nowhere near as sore as I thought I would be - yay me! I managed to get through my massages yesterday quite well.
However, I did wake up in the morning with a ruptured capilary in my right eye.... hmmmm. I have let the business know and will go in tomorrow to actually show them. On a curious note though, I checked my iridology charts and it seems that this spot in my eye where the capillary is, correlates to the area for the shoulder blade in the iridology eye chart! And it's definitely where the therapist was seriously concentrating on!
I agree with everyone too - I think it may have been a bit of overkill with both the cupping and the massage itself. I do feel looser, but would be hard pressed to book in again for another treatment! I know that I can get as good, if not better results by working with the clients body rather than beating it into submission.
On a lighter note, it was a bit fun to freak out all my regular clients yesterday by showing them my back!!

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