Friday, 26 June 2009

One Lovely Blog Award (part one)

I have been lucky enough to be given a "One Lovely Blog" award by the very kind Lisa from Cute as Buttons . The honour comes with responsibility... I must pass this award along to 15 newly found other blogs that I feel are 'lovely blogs'.
Now I am still on the lookout for a few more blogs, but here is my list to start - Lisa had already listed quite a few blogs that I would have chosen too!
Loz & Dinny - wonderully vintage childrens clothing by the saucy Gemma
Black Eyed Susie - very sweet childrens clothing and accessories by Suse (who should be a new mom again very soon!)
Dick & Dora - great jewellery that combines whimsy, brilliant colour, humour and style!
Cloth to Creation - vintage fabrics in huggable creations
Bespoke Press - some of the most beautiful printing I have seen, all created on old fashioned printing presses
That Vintage - the lovely Sophie makes stunning jewellery and has a great eye for other artists and designers
Birdy & Me - by Kelly Smith - this is one I found via Sophie (from above)
Ruby Pear - Rachael has created a wonderfully atmospheric handmade design store here in Lonnie

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Another find..

This comes via Sophie from That Vintage - who has a great eye for all things craft on Etsy. I don't worry about searching the site myself, I simply wait for Sophie to let me know her latest find.
This is Mozui - who is doing some really interesting things with cotton.

Stumbling across new finds...

It's great when you mis-type something into Google and end up finding a great website (and not porn). I stumbled across this site and am seriously contemplating a purchase or two...!
The Wall Sticker Company has a great range of, funnily enough... wall stickers. Check out there site for more, but here's a taste below....

I'm gonna get myself some ducks I think......

Monday, 8 June 2009

northern lights

Another find via one of the blogs I follow - Northernlight Beeswax Candles.
These folks are beekeepers and have an amazing studio that they produce these beautifully simple candles from in the hinterlands of Byron Bay. They aim to 'walk with the lightest step' meaning as well as sustainable practises for their product and packaging - they farm their own food, have their own rainwater supply and generally work in harmony with the natural surrounds.
I think the Prophet series below is simple and beautiful. The pure beeswax candle is set into a handmade ceramic cup - only 2.5 cms high and 4 cms wide - how cute!
They have a small range of products but all are from pure beeswax and come with the knowledge that no bees were harmed in it's production.

Their prices are really reasonable, I love the packaging (recycled boxes and muslin) and I am awaiting my first order as we speak. I love the little ceramic cups so much I am now looking for a way to get some for my own candle range!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Imagination.... will take you everywhere

I just finished reading this article in the latest Green magazine about an amazing aussie lady, Suzie Stanford.
Suzie has a reputation as an 'avant-garde' designer - creating jewellery collections from items sourced from flea markets and auction houses over the world. She is also creating awesome furniture and pieces from things like vintage tea towels, teaspoons and abandoned tapestries and needleworks. She seems to have a real sense of connecting history and present and the often unappreciated work (and heart) that goes into easily discarded art works (like granny's old cross stitch).

Tea Cup Pendant Lights
Teaspoon Lights
Check out her website

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Proud finds

Just had to share my latest finds - a pair of goreous leather gloves and a handknitted neck warmer!!
I have lusted after these gloves for some weeks now (Lake Leather at Evandale) and could not resist any longer when we were there today after picking up Father-in-Law from the airport.
They look all quiet and demure with the tan leather and a dash of teal on the cuff (which I can roll up to hide if the occasion demands) but then......
A cheeky little pale blue thumb appears to jazz things along!

This knitted neck warmer caught my attention the other week (Tasmanian Flower Essences here in Lonnie) and since I keep forgetting to take my scarf when heading outside, I thought this was a good idea. Its a little dressy, but its less bulky than tucking a scarf under a jacket. All in all, a good days shopping!