Thursday, 12 July 2012

Custom Candles

I know our blog has been a little quiet this past year - our little business sanctum has been keeping me very busy and the year is flying by.
Having said that, we did manage to squeeze in some custom candles for Milkbar Cafe here in Launceson and for a regular candle buyer.
These first candles are all vanilla!  Our house smelled amazing when they were all made up!

I love the different shapes and forms of these candles - always fun working out how to fill them.
The Milkbar candles were all poured into vintage cups that one of the owners, Isis, had found.  Because of this and the fact they were going into a cafe for sale - we decided to go with 'traditional' cafe fragrances such as Vanilla, Hot Chocolate, Matcha Tea and Turkish Mocha.

I particularly like the Hot Chocolate ones - they almost look like the real thing!