Sunday, 4 October 2009

Driveby Deloraine

Finally!.... a weekend without rain!
We took this opportunity by the horns and went for a long overdue 'Sunday Drive'. We were headed for the Honey Farm at Chudleigh, only to find that the one Sunday the place was closed was today!
Slightly ruffled but not defeated we decided to hit the road again and see where we ended up.
Deloraine sits on the Meander River and is about 50kms west of Launceston. We found a lovely spot for a quiet lunch by the river at the Deloraine Train Park. That's where we spotted this little guy - what a cutie! I'd never seen a duck this colour before (all tan body and very orange feet!) and was quite taken with him. I've called him 'Desmond'.
This appears to be perhaps an old mill - certainly the trains would have passed beside the building and it looks like some renovations are being done. So our Sunday was capped off by sitting on the banks of the Meander River, eating a very good vegie pastie, drinking ginger beer and watching the ducks (and local families) play. Not a bad life really......

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Robbin said...

sounds excellent and relaxing. :) thanks so much for sharing!