Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Update from Tassie...!

Thought I should make an effort to catch everyone up with the 'happenings' down here.
After arriving early Feb, safe and sound (complete with drugged up pussycats), getting the house unpacked as much as possible was the first task. I have to say the 'Matilda' has done a wonderful job of letting us feel right at home very quickly. I spent a week here by myself before hubby arrived and she felt safe and warm every nite!
'Matilda' sits on a corner block and there is no garden as yet. That's good in that we get a clean slate to work with, the down side is you feel like a 'pimple on a bum cheek', as in you are right out there for traffic and walkers by to see. So we have planted our first hedge on the weekend and I am now willing each and every plant to grow and prosper!
We were recommended to plant Pittosporum 'Silver Sheen', as it is supposed to be fast growing. Having never had a garden before, I hope I can be patient enough to wait for it to bush out and give us some privacy and noise reduction. Fingers crossed.

I had an interview at a beauty clinic at Riverside the first Wednesday I was here and started work on the Friday! Hmmm. So much for a settling in period!
But it has been good to get back into work and keep the dollars coming in. Us new mortagee's get very nervous about these things you know.
I have been doing lots of massage treatments (especially Hot Stone Massage) and have also been lecturing in Anatomy and Physiology in the Training Academy that is part of the clinic. It has made me study up myself on all of this information I have not really thought about in around 4-5 years! It's getting more fun though, the more I do it. I am also getting back into facials and other such stuff so I am relearning lots of things. So that has been fun too.

We have been absolutely blessed to have Drew's cousin, wife and beautful daughter nearby to help welcome us to our new state. Gemma is the brains behind 'Loz & Dinny' (lozanddinny.blogspot.com) - an amazing range of handmade childrens clothing and more. Along with another crafty friend, Gem is about to open a 'den of handmade treasures' here in Lonnie and has kindly asked me to create some goodies to sell. The space they have found will also be used for craft nites and get togethers. It's all very exciting and I can't wait to get back to creating my little goodies again. I have missed them.
Promise I will have some fresh piccies to show next time!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

red bamboo is online once more...!

Dear all,
Just a quickie to let everyone know we have finally received our modem and are back online as of today! Yay!
It's amazing how much we have come to depend on email and the internet. Especially for information gathering - it has been almost 2 months since we have been connected and it has made things definitely more difficult (and expensive since we have had to use Internet Cafe's in the meantime).
We are settled down here in the Apple Isle and are finding our feet in our new home.
Will write more when I have some piccies to show off and more time - got a few emails to answer right now!