Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Batty about Bottles!

These just arrived on my doorstep... so exciting!!!
They are the new bottles for my lotions and potions - I stumbled across the packaging company in a magazine and then again a few weeks ago at the Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo (which gave me an opportunity to see the bottles in the flesh). They cost a little more than my previous containers - but I think they are so worth it!
I wanted simple but elegant and I am really happy with these little guys. For the upcoming Civic Homespun Markets on the 12th Sept, I am planning on doing up my Vanilla & Marshmallow Extract Lotion, as it has been popular before. Plus two new ones: Frankincense & Lime and; Ylang Ylang, Bergamot & Lime. That's the plan at this stage anyway!

Op Shop Heaven....

Hubby and I found these little gems in a local Mission store (think St Vinnies on steroids) for $2.50 each. I was totally taken with the very retro shape and even liked the colour! The full set of six are all intact, no chips or cracks, happily. Made in Japan and very, very groovy!
Tea Party anyone....?

Stormy weather..

Just to pop a few pictures of the recent floods at Cataract Gorge here in Lonnie. We didn't get to see it in full 'bloom' but there was still an amazing amount of water coming through. This was a week or so ago, but we have had heaps of rain since, so there may well be more shots coming soon! The suspension bridge (pictured) had 'Keep Off' signs posted as there were so many folks on it trying to get a better view!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Gypsy Hill

I have just taken some piccy's of some beautiful soaps I was incredibly thrilled to recieve in the mail a few days ago.
I met Natalie (of Gypsy Hill handmade in Tasmania) at a Women's Business E-Commerce workshop in Launceston and after a wee chat, we agreed to do a swapsie.... my candles for her soaps. Pretty sure I got the better end of the deal!
This full box of gorgeous smelling soaps arrived and suddenly my two little candles just didn't seem enough! Rest assured there will be recompense!
Natalie chooses to use no nasties in her products (palm oil, scary preservatives and such) but fills them up with yummy stuff like essential oils, botanical extracts, molasses, unpasturized goats milk, honey, jojoba and wheat germ, to name a few. She also makes a Bath Milk, (which I can't wait to try out with hubby and a bottle of bubbly) and I know she has other skin care products such as a Rosemary and Nettle Shampoo Bar. Brilliant!
Some of the soaps she sent me are: Molasses & Oats; Honey & Wheat Germ; Mugacino (with fair trade coffee grounds); Choc Mint & a Blush Complexion Bar (with rose petals and silk fibres).

Natalie is working on her website but you can contact her here for more information and pricing! I know she is being kept busy with orders which is wonderful - I know I am looking forward to sudsing up with my first bar.


Just a quick one to let everyone know I have jumped on board with the Civic Homespun Market for their last winter market on Saturday 12th September.
I am actually cohabitating a stall with the gorgeous Georgia (more later) and her funky cushions. The Homespun Markets are gathering a good following of crafty folks with Loz and Dinny, That Vintage, Rebecca Roth, Nice Bola Designs and more coming along to sell their wares.

I have scraped together my ingredients so will be a smaller stall for me - but am looking forward to playing and creating again!
I am going to introduce my Soy Wax Melts (already at Ruby Pear in town) and Palm Wax Candles (totally new) and see how they go.
The Market hours are 10am till 3pm. Spread the word!!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Introducing (better) Mizu Designs

I already technically introduced Mizu Designs last post as one of the Lovely Blogs. But I wanted to take some time to really show what its creator has to show.
Kylie is an Aussie printmaker and illustrator, but studied in Japan where she lived for seven years - her work is suitably inspired by her asian roots.
Using the traditional Japanese method of printmaking Kylie makes her woodblock prints with watercolour inks, beautiful Japanese paper, a bamboo leaf covered baren (no press!), and traditional carving tools. Here are some examples of her work:

Three Pots of Tea

Falling for Kozuki


Dragonflies are brown

Saturday, 1 August 2009

One Lovely Blog Award (part two)

Apologies for taking so long in finishing my 15 newly found blogs (in keeping with my acceptance of the One Lovely Blog Award).
Time has been zipping by of late, but I have found some great blogs by clever people that deserve spreading around. Enjoy!
Mizu Designs - a talented printmaker and illustrator in Melbourne
Inner Earth Soaps - based at Bondi Beach, this Soap Maker has an eye for gorgeous scents and beautiful ingredients
Enchanted Moments - a stay at home mum (who thinks she was born 100 years too late!) with yummy recipes and ideals
Dog Daisy Chains - entertaining reading from Jackie
Rob Ryan - a talented artist with an amazing portfolio of work
Aunty Cookie - just see for yourself!
Daily Imprint - an inspiring blog from the Deputy Editor of the Real Living Magazine
Red Felt Flower - from the clever Sarah in Brisbane
I know several if not all of these folks have probably already been given a blog award - but I hope you agree they most certainly can handle another!
Thanks goes to Dick and Dora, Loz and Dinny , Cloth to Creation and That Vintage for helping me find some of these blogs.