Friday, 22 October 2010

Week One...

Well, week one is over.
It's been a big, busy, amazing, tiring, exhilarating, frustrating, surreal and awesome week! Boy! That's a bit to cram in to one week!
Still a little bit of 'tweaking' to do - have discovered (along with some of my clients, unfortunately) that there is a space rented in the building next door, for bands for practice..... Mmmmm..... yeah......
Not good to have drum solo's competing with mellow relaxation music and massage therapy.
I spoke to one of the other tenants, another therapist, and she said that they had been down this path before and the council had been involved as well. I don't mind the practicing of music, it's more that it can happen anytime with no rhyme or reason. So it's been challenging trying to figure out my opening times and booking in clients. But will chase it up next week.

Husk Ceramic Soap Dish
Have had wonderful feedback overall and quite a few bookings for this week. Next week is a little quieter, but thats fine. It gives me the challenge to really get into marketing and selling my business to Launcestonians.
My order from Husk finally arrived yesterday (I'm very excited!). So I went in even earlier than I needed to this morning, just so I could play!
Husk Handturmed Ceramic Oil Burners (I love the blue)
Husk Herbal Tea Range

Husk Calico Shopper Bag (loving it!)

Have also created a Facebook Page for Sanctum - am new to this network, so everyone will have to forgive me for any rookie mistakes!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

three days....four rooms...four coats of paint......

The doors opened yesterday for sanctum body skin soul.
It's been a long haul, but we are really happy and proud of how the space has turned out.
I have had bookings in yesterday and today and have a full house tomorrow!
Here are a few 'before and after' shots.
This is the reception wall in the previous tenants colour (I have been calling it 'Epilepsy Yellow')
With the primer coat on (more pictures to come)
The smaller of the two treatment rooms which I am now calling the 'Green Room'
The old waiting room which we morphed into a Relaxation Lounge....

More soon......

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

introducing sanctum.....

It's finally happening....
This is part dream, part career move and all about the future.
As of Wednesday 20th October, Sanctum Body Skin Soul will be opening its doors to the world.
Or at least to Launceston and her visitors!
I think I have been planning this business for the better part of 10 years - ever since I took my first massage course.
The lease is signed and the furniture has arrived - our spare room and hallway have been taken over with chairs, tables and lamps!
I am finishing with my current work in a few days and so I can't jump right into the space and start setting up - that will come next week.
Other than some fresh paint, we don't need to do much for the fitout. I want to put a shower in one of the rooms at some point, so that I can offer spa body treatments as well - but for now, we will open with lots of massage on offer, aromatic facials and a lovely little retail area full of local designer goodies, herbal teas and comfy chairs!

We are finalising little things like a telephone and eftpos - fun fun. The stationary and website are coming together and I already have my first two bookings in on that first day! Now I just need to fill the rest of the week!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who is going out of their way to help up make this dream come to life. Will keep you all updated as we go.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

down the rabbit hole.....

Like the ubiquitous Alice, I find myself in a wonderful, whimsical and very delightful little place. the rabbit hole is a lovely new store here in the heart of Launceston. Created by Alison Hayward along with her mother, it is full of knicks and knacks and everything in-between!Alison found me at the recent Niche market and was kind enough to place an order of candles and lip balms for her newly opened store.
So Eat Me/Drink Me and find your way to take a peek. It will be well worth your while.

the rabbit hole
Shop 4, Cuisine Lane