Monday, 25 May 2009

Custom Job

Just wanted to post a piccy of the custom candle I made up for Rachael (The Ruby Pear). I used my Vanilla, Pomegranate & Black Currant fragrances and had some fun with a dye called 'raspberry sorbet'. It's quite a large candle with about half a kilo of wax needed to fill and my largest wick ever! The container belongs to Rachael and she is now scouting for more unusual containers that we can turn into candles. Such fun...!

Friday, 22 May 2009

New pots

These are the new little pots I have made up with candles. I am waiting to hear back about the simple round containers I have been using (all my suppliers have been sold out), but for the interim, I think these guys are quite cute.
Still waiting on my new fragrances to arrive - looking forward to playing with them when they do!
Am also having a play with a beautiful white glass (kind of retro) container that Rachael from Ruby Pear gave me to make into a candle - I hope to have that poured and into the store for her to burn early next week - will try and get a piccy of it before I take it in.

Holiday Snaps

These are a few shots from a friend (Hi Shan!) from her week long visit to Tas. We did a lot of driving, we ate way too much and I am happy to say that she had a very good time!
Ninth Island Winery

Joseph Chromy Winery

Annie & Shan at Joseph Chromy (we are looking awefully happy!)

Squeaking Point (we stumbled across this slice of paradise simply by falling in love with the name)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

New and improved....

Just a quick plug for a great market I was lucky enough to be part of in Brisbane. The Designers Emporium markets have be revamped with a sparkly new venue (Portside Wharf) and a sparkly new name - The Boutique Markets.
Their new website is at I am very excited for Rachael and Leasl, the hardworking mum's who created and run the market and also for my hubby's uncle, who is the marketing guru for the Portside Wharf precinct. Best of luck to them all.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

New Fragrances and Containers

Have just finished labelling a new batch of soy candles for Ruby Pear in town. The lovely round frosted glass containers I have been using are out of stock and so I have gone to a cute little jar that comes complete with a lid. They are called 'bulb' pots and although I still prefer the other containers, these are great in the meantime.
I have done up Jasmine, Lemon Myrtle, Vanilla-Pomegranate & Black Currant, Red Tea & Lychee and White Tea & Ginger. These all sold really well at Niche.
I also put an order in to restock my fragrances and as well as getting the above fragrances I have also used some of Uncle Kevins' Stimulus Package to buy a few new ones - Orchid, White Magnolia, Rhubarb and Lemon Verbena - can't wait to smell them all!
Ruby Pear was covered in an article in this weeks Examiner - a good photo of Rachael and the store. Loz & Dinny got a mention so that was nice to see. Fingers crossed this means more traffic through the doors.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Wrapping up Niche Version 2.0

Here's a quick 'plug' for some other great folks from the Niche Markets - can't believe it was 2 weeks ago now!

Dick and Dora is a very 'lustworthy' line of accessories that use acrylic, felt and beautiful ribbons. This little photo doesn't do them justice - they have an awesome website so check it out!

Hungry Kitty kept us all well fed with their range of cookies and cupcakes. I was lucky to get their last vanilla cupcake with the best rose petal icing I have ever had! Contact them at for more information.
Rebecca Roth is a resin jewellery designer based here in Tas. She also has ranges using gemstones and glass beads. I just love the colours and forms that she creates!
The Purple Finch is a great range of softies and other fabric creations that are very lovable and totally huggable!

Poppleberry Puddings and Possumsock Pouches was a family affair with the most luscious, richest puddings I have seen (I had to fight off a little old lady for the very last Sticky Date Pudding!) and a young entrepreneur who had made lovely shoulder bags - she sold out before lunch the first day! I don't have contact details, but the Niche blog may be helpful in finding them! Yum!
Ruby Pear ( was also present with Rachael and family manning the table! A great selection of goodies from the store on Wellington Street and great entertainment with young daughter Maggie keeping them very busy!
There were so many more that I can't fit them all in! Please take a look at the Niche blog ( for a fuller list of all the clever folks I got to spend some time with.
Looking forward to the next one!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

More and more Niche-y things!

Just a few more plugs and then I think I am done!

In no particular order....

Dick and Dora ( - I have seen this brand around (even in Bris!) and it has always caught my eye.

I was lucky enough to have Mr Dick and Mrs Dora beside my stall, but did not get a chance to say Hello until late the 2nd day!

This picture does not do their range justice, so I totally recommend a peek at their website!

Poppleberry Puddings had the best assortment of steamed puddings I have seen for a long time. I liked them so much I am pretty sure I elbowed a little old lady out of the way to get to their last Sticky Date pudding! I don't have contact details for them, but will pass them on once I do!

Hungry Kitty sold a great range of home made biscuits and cupcakes - the vanilla cupcake with rose petal icing kept me going for the rest of the last afternoon!

I am sorry I didn't get to try more of their goodies - but from the happy smiles walking by, plenty of other people did!

The Purple Finch has a beautiful range of softies and other hand sewn wonders. I wish I had more time at their stall (

Rebecca Roth is a resin jewellery designer based here in Tassie - her pieces feature gemstones and glass beads (
There are so many others I would love to tell everyone about, but this is another rather lengthy entry and so I would just direct everyone to the Niche blog for all contact details of everyone involved.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Wrapping up at Niche..

Finally! With a half hour spare, I felt I should finally get to sit down and fill everyone in on our great weekend with the 2 day Niche market.
Saturday was crazy with people - I totally did not look up from my stall from about 10am till 2pm! An amazing amount of folks through and some great sales for everyone. Sunday started a bit quieter but was one of those days that more people came through than you realised - very steady flow.
I was able to give St Giles a donation that really amazed me! A percentage of the takings I took, I really thought I would be giving away around $50! Not so. I think the money raised by everyone there was a lot more than we all expected. So thanks to all the people who came through and who took a little something away with them (and told their friends to come too!).
I also wanted to try and get some plugs in for a few other stall holders. It was so busy that none of us really got to see everyone elses, so apologies if I have missed anyone out. But a fuller list can be found at the Niche blog (
Firstly, the lovely Sophie and her vintage inspired jewellery and wraps, was beside me and was such good company. She is just a 'youngun' but has so much talent and pasison for her business ( or - well worth a look. We did a bit of a swap and I scored a beautiful purple wrap which I have yet to find a worthy event to wear it to!

Loz & Dinny always warrants a mention (Hi Gem!) with beautifully crafted childrens clothing. (
The amazing Maya and Sam who created the most amazing paper art work. From delicate flowers to what looked like an explosion of fireworks. Their large pieces were just brilliant and it was wonderful to see so many people walking out with little bunches of their flowers in hand - I hope to find some pictures soon to show.
Another clever lady Susie ( who makes childrens clothes, hair pins and such - such a lovely little stall.
Little Jenny Wren Dolls ( are the sweetest most huggable little soft dolls I have seen. One of a kind dolls made with natural handcrafted fibres. So cute!

There are so many more I want to tell everyone about, but since this entry is looking rather lengthy, I might wait until next time. Enjoy a browse.

Touching base...

It's been non stop since the Niche markets last weekend - what a great couple of days! I thought I should do a quick 'touch base' until I can find the time to sit and do a proper 'debrief' of the markets and the great people I met there.
I do have to say a big Thank You to Selina who organised the whole thing. We had great numebrs through both days and I believe that almost everyone had really good sales. Such great feedback as well.
Next time I hope to start introducing some of the very clever folks who I got to share some space and time with. A special Hi goes out to the beautiful Sophie (of That Vintage) who had the stall beside me - what brilliant company!
More soon I promise!