Wednesday, 22 September 2010

seriously big tea lights

These bad boys are about twice the size of your ordinary tea light. They're not called 'maxi' for nothing!
At the recent Niche market, a local ceramicist stopped by the stall and asked me about creating candles to go with her handmade ceramic light shades. She dropped one off the second day and I have to say, I was really taken with it - enough to pay her there and then just so I could keep it!

After tossing a few options around - we decided on keeping it simple and went with the larger tea lights. We have left these ones un-fragranced, but I can see making some up with citronella for outside use.
I think they look pretty good and they suit the light shades really well. I can't wait to try one out!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

new treasures

Just a quick few words to show off some lovely new treasures - courtesy of Sophie from That Vintage and Rose from Foal Design, at the recent Niche market. I know it was a while back now, but I'm still catching up on lost 'computer time'!
Beautiful earrings and ring (I get comments every time I wear them - though it's becoming more and more likely to be "are those from That Vintage?)
Hmmm.....not sure about the model, but the hat is pretty neat!

This last one is a bit of a mystery object....... more soon.......

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Snow in September....

We've just gotten home from a overnight trip to Hobart.
As you can see from the piccies below... it's been a wee chilly down here in September!!
These shots are taken north of Bothwell (home to the Australian Golf Museum!) and on the way to the Great Lakes.
I put my first foot print in snow.... I threw my first snowball (deliberately missing hubby I'll have you know!)... and saw my first snow man/penguin! Very, very groovy!
Tassie... you just keep surprising me.These shots are from the Steppes Sculptures on the same road about 90 mins from Hobart. The Steppes Sculptures are a gift to all who help protect and maintain the Forests and Ecosystems of the Midlands, from Artist Stephen Walker. You need to keep an eye out as they are only marked by simple roadside signs and you can only just see them from the road.What a wonderful way to celebrate this amazing country and remind us to care for it as we should.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Onwards and Upwards...

We're back!
The computer trouble is being resolved and we think we have been able to save all of our files!
WHEW! Big relief there.

I know it's been a few weeks now, but here are a few 'on the run' shots from the recent Niche market at the end of August.

Ruby Victoria Paperie Stall - my neighbours on one side. Narelle had the amazing printing press (just seen bottom left of picture) going throughout the market, drawing heaps of onlookers. Hubby, Alan (pictured) was a handy man to have around - he did coffee runs for appreciative stallholders.

Yummy Mini Cupcakes (sorry girls I didn't get your name - too busy eating!!)

The beautiful Rose from Foal Design and her lustworthy cloth hats - Rose is currently showing off her engagment ring! Yay! I bought a stunning aqua blue number!

The stunning Joanna and her papercraft were my other neighbour and what good company she was. Joanna was the original creator of the famous Roo Poo paper from the Paper Mill at Burnie. She uses century old papermaking methods and all of the illustrations are her own.

Once more, Sophie from That Vintage, was innundated with keen shoppers for the entire 2 days! I don't think I saw her look up from her stall until closing time on Saturday! Yay Soph!

Sam (seen ducking down) and Maya, from Hideyo, dazzled us once more with their incredible folded art. I loved seeing almost every second person walking through the markets clutching a bunch of their beautiful flowers!
More soon......

Friday, 10 September 2010

we are experiencing some technical difficulties...

Just a quick note...
If anyone is wondering where on earth I've been for the past few weeks, our hard drive has crashed and we are still trying to recover all of our files!
All of my photos from Niche are on there so I can't show how great a time we had!!
Fingers crossed we will be up and running again soon!