Sunday, 21 November 2010

red bamboo's sister blog..

Just a quick entry to let everyone know that sanctum now has both a website and a brand new (today!) blog!
I wanted the ability to interact with people a little more personally and with more immediacy than the website and a blog suited that need just fine.
I did try a facebook page, but honestly preferred the layout and customisation that a blog gave me.
So please feel free to check it out - would love to hear what you think!
Also, have just finished typing in all 130 odd emails from the great response we had to our 2 hour spa package draw for sanctum at Niche as well.
We've notified the winner and will wait to book her in for her treat!
Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Am in recovery mode after an amazing weekend with the Niche Markets here in Launceston.
This time around we held it the Friday evening and the Saturday. I have to be honest here, I really did think the Friday evening would be fairly tame and quiet....
OMG... was I wrong!!
Folks started flooding in even before we had finished setting up and they were four deep and lined up out the front door for the four hours we were open!!
Being very lucky to score the spot right next to Sophie of That Vintage, we did not stop and the sales were just incredible!
Saturday the numbers, while not as crazy as Friday, certainly stayed steady through the whole day, sales again were great and by the end.... well the picture tells the story!
This is a few hours from the end of the market (I had one candle left when we packed up!) - and I truly had nothing left to sell! Totally unexpected and amazing!
The other aim for me with this market was to try and get my new wellness business, sanctum out there into the public domain. I had a sheet for folks to sign up for a chance to win a 2 hour spa package - again, didn't realise just how popular this was going to be!! I filled four A4 sheets of paper with peoples names and emails!! Far out!
Now I just have to draw a winner and email everyone with the news!!
What a brilliant weekend.
A big thanks to Liz and the folks at St Giles for organising, a big thanks to the great stallholders who kept me company and a big thanks to everyone who came along and supported us local crafty people!
Might just have a sleep now.......

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

three lovely souls....

The three lovely souls I speak of are Vee, Alan and newcomer, Saffron (5 weeks old!).
Vee, folks may know from The Purple Finch, is making return to the crafty scene after having bub and Alan, is a very sought after local photographer with his business Photobat.
During the upcoming Niche market this weekend, these lovely people are doing an amazing offer and giving proceeds to St Giles! How nice is that?!?
Alan is offering Photography Gift Vouchers for Christmas (valid through to January) worth $350 for the tiny price of $50!!
That's not an offer you will match anywhere else.
Take a quick peek through Alan's body of work on the Photobat website and you will soon see that this is an offer that will be very hard to pass by and very popular this weekend.
So if you, or anyone you know is thinking about organising a family portrait, or perhaps pet photos or the obligatory cute baby shots for the grandparents -come along to the guys stall at Niche in the Tram Sheds at Inveresk this Friday (4pm-8pm) or Saturday (10am-4pm) and bag a serious bargain!!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

forgive me...but I've just drooled on my keyboard.....

I just recieved an email from my lovely friend (and fellow book clubber!) Poppy, introducing her new venture Feigenbaum.
"Feigenbaum specialises in artisinal, European style breads, cakes and boutique catering made with the finest locally sourced ingredients."

Check out the Feigenbaum blog for ridiculously delicious looking treats plus recipes! Just be sure to have eaten beforehand or you'll be mopping up dribble just like me!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

rainy day blues...

What's a girl to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon.....?

Homemade scones,warm from the oven.....a sleepy pussycat on the chair beside you......a cup of tea and some good company.....that's what!