Saturday, 16 March 2013

tea for two...

Once again I get to play with some lovely tea cups to make candles for a gift shop here in Launceston.
Tracey, the owner, dropped 12 lovely tea cups and a larger ceramic container off and armed with a list of her favourite fragrances - off we went!

I am a bit thrilled with how they turned out!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

How to fill your weekend...

How will you fill your time this weekend?
We've got a great idea for Saturday (Sunday is up to you!).
The Boutique Markets is a great designer market that started in sunny Brisbane a few years ago and has now launched itself, along with Mathildas Markets) all over Australia.
This is their first outing to Launceston and if the response from Hobart is anything to go by - we are in for another great market find!
With being so wrapped up in sanctum, this is my first market of the year! 
Very exciting!
Saturday 15th September
The Hotel Grand Chancellor
9am til 1pm

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Custom Candles

I know our blog has been a little quiet this past year - our little business sanctum has been keeping me very busy and the year is flying by.
Having said that, we did manage to squeeze in some custom candles for Milkbar Cafe here in Launceson and for a regular candle buyer.
These first candles are all vanilla!  Our house smelled amazing when they were all made up!

I love the different shapes and forms of these candles - always fun working out how to fill them.
The Milkbar candles were all poured into vintage cups that one of the owners, Isis, had found.  Because of this and the fact they were going into a cafe for sale - we decided to go with 'traditional' cafe fragrances such as Vanilla, Hot Chocolate, Matcha Tea and Turkish Mocha.

I particularly like the Hot Chocolate ones - they almost look like the real thing!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

This is mine....what's yours?

What's your pet peeve?
Mine is price tags on items I've bought that tear when you try to take them off and leave sticky residue that stays there and attracts fluff for years to come.....
What's yours......?

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mr Bibb

Hubby and I got to go see the wonderful Eric Bibb here in Launceston last night.
It was a good crowd of around a hundred people and it turned out to be a great night!
Eric is one of those increasingly rare talents that actually sound better live than on a CD. An amazing smooth, smokey voice and brilliant lyrics.
The only spoiler was a sore back and lack of seating in the venue.
I even got to give him a kiss on the cheek afterwards! I am never washing my lips again!!
A big thanks also go to the wonderful soul who had a brilliant time dancing the entire night away in the corner - I envy your courage.
Check out one of my favourite songs here.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

what we've been up to today....

Today has been a candle making day.

I haven't done one of these for a little while - I often don't get the time to take a whole day out and just concentrate on the one thing.Most of these are to restock my little sanctum but I also started on the lovely Isis' order for her and her partners' new venture 'Milkbar' here in town. Find their blog here or their facebook page here.
The house smells like a dozen different fragances and they are all mixed up in my head now. I know them all so well, but I couldn't tell you which candle is which at the moment - maybe tomorrow when my nose has 'reset' itself!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

has anyone seen my Geisha....?

These sweet candles are actually delicate little Japanese Ceramic Sake Cups.

My lovely Mother-in-Law bought them on a recent trip to Tassie, at an antique store. She thought they might make interesting candles - I think she was right!

They are only small, but would sit nicely on a dinner table, a mantle piece or even a the ledge of your bathtub next time you are in the mood for a candlelit soak (complete with a glass of wine of course!!).
These are one offs only - no more once they sell - and only ten left!!

Get into sanctum quick to grab yours next time you are in Launceston!