Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A Niche-ing we will go... a Niche-ing we will go....

Yep.... it's that time again....
Niche Market is nearly upon us and it's time to start cranking up the old stove, melting some wax, trimming some wicks and stirring some pots.
My order finally arrived today so I can get started on the last of the candles I will make for next months market.

It will all have to wait a few more days however as I have been off work sick (you know... throat feeling like you've been gargling with molten lava; joints and muscles aching like they've been swapped with an arthritic 85 year olds...). Back at work tomorrow, all going well, so after a bit of catching up there I can get a start in on the weekend.

I've condensed my products lines, but introduced a few new things. I found out I will be at the Inveresk Art Space, same as before, but there is also a large number of stalls at the Boathouse as well. More news as it comes along.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

wrapped in plastic....

You know when you hear one little fact that stops you in your tracks and just makes you look at things in a totally different light.
Well this one did that for me....
Did you know that every scrap of plastic EVER MADE is still around?
Every shopping bag, every bottle, container and ounce of packaging. Every piece of every Barbie doll you ever owned is still on this earth.
Not enough time has passed for any plastic we have ever created to actually degrade down to nothing. Pieces may have gotten smaller, but the total sum of them is still here. Chances are it's on a beach somewhere clogging waterways and animals digestive systems.
I have to say, that kind of scared me a little.
Kind of makes you think huh?