Thursday, 8 October 2009

New Stockist for Red Bamboo

I am terribly excited about the news I got today that Michelle from Nook in Brisbane is going to stock a selection my Soy Candles and Melts.
My box of samples arrived a few days ago and she has been burning them in her shop. I am looking forward to making her order up and can't wait to hear how they go up there. Yay!
Although it's funny that I moved down to Tassie only to be sending products back up to Brisbane! But I feel Nook is a very good outlet for my style of product and market - it's the kind of store I like to shop in.
Thanks Michelle!


Pam said...

Well done Annie! Congrats. I'm sure they'll do really well there. It's a great area for your sort of product.

ruby victoria printmaking said...

congrats Annie ,It is always exciting to find people that love your work enough to stock it, Well done !

Nicole said...

Congratulations Annie, nook is a wonderful stockist to showcase your gorgeous candles and soaps x