Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I'd like to thank....

Erin (the Bondi living Soap Queen from Inner Earth Soaps) was kind enough to grant my little blog a 'Versatile Blogger' award. The idea, as it is with any of these awards I guess, is to showcase a handful of other blogs that have caught your eye and to spread the 'blog love'.

This award comes with a responsibility however - in order to accept I need to do the following:

Provide a link back to the generous person who nominated me

Spill the beans on 7 random facts about myself

Showcase 7 other blogs (letting the bloggers know they've been nominated also)

So, here are my 7 random facts:

1. I used to play the guitar (took years of lessons) but recently sold my guitar at a garage sale for $30

2. I can remember all my bank account details, my credit card number, my Tax File Number and ABN all off by heart - but I can't remember my husbands birthday!

3. I once 'appropriated' a rowing boat with a girlfriend and snuck it across a flooded river, using sticks as oars - we had a whole town out looking for us and just about to drag the river for our bodies. We were ten.

4. I can still swim a pretty mean butterfly stroke - try it, it's not that easy!

5. I held my mothers hand earlier this year as she passed away

6. I love kissing our black cat on the top of his head - it's just so luscious!

7. I have finally found where I 'fit' - my husband, our kids (cats), our beautiful home, our exciting new business and our new home state - never had that before.

And here are my 7 'blogs of distinction':

Fuffenscheit (otherwise known as Mrs Smith)


Monday, 18 July 2011

Never thought you'd hear me say this.....

I'm just a little bit in love with Stephen Fry.

Mmmm... yeah.... I didn't see that coming either!

Hubby and I stumbled across a series of British Drama, based on author PG Wodehouse's work, titled 'Jeeves and Wooster'.

I think they were made in the early nineties and stars Stephen Fry and his quintissential partner, Hugh Laurie, as a incredibly intelligent Valet caring for his bumbling, hapless employer.

Perfectly cast and wonderfully written - though I get the overall impression that PG Wodehouse either hated women, was gay or at the very least had several terribly overbearing Aunts!

The women in the series are very harshly portrayed - but do their job of constantly getting Wooster (Laurie) into more trouble than he can ever handle without the aid of loyal Jeeves (Fry).

I tawled through Youtube to finds some snippets to show - this is a bit of an overview that might give you a rough idea, but it was hard to find a good snapshot that does the series justice.

the series shows the life of the 'idle rich' and the scrapes that they get into - usually by dumping someone else in the hot water.

Worth a look for the great period styling if nothing else.

We know Stephen Fry as an incredibly well spoken (if sometimes shockingly naughty) gent with amazing intelligence - he fits Jeeves pesona to a 'tee' and looks brilliant in the famed bowler hat!

So Mr Fry, I send this out with heartfelt adoration - well... just a little bit anyway!