Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Whimsical Designs

Once again, the sharp eyed Nicole from Hot Toffee has found a talented artist for us to enjoy.
Joanna Rutter is from Devon in the UK and she designs beautiful, delicate jewellery, namely in stirling silver. On her Shop site she writes; "I am inspired by the link between illustrative form and jewellery. My pieces begin life as sketches and are then rendered into metal by hand".
As well as creating such lustworthy goods, Joanna is also a dab hand at capturing eyecatching pictures of her designs.
Like this:
Or this:
Check out her Etsy Shop here. Some of my other favourite are Tiny Squirrel and Branch earrings, Very Tiny Lovebirds necklace and Tiny Lovebirds ring. Enjoy.

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