Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Back after a lovely warm weekend away in Brisbane (the weddding was lovely, thanks everyone who asked. The newlyweds are spending their honeymoon in Fiji - here's hoping the Tsunami warning didn't come to fruition where they are staying!).
While in Bris, I was lucky to meet Michelle who owns and runs a handmade designs store called 'Nook' in West End. It's only 6 weeks old, but already looking very much at home in this fairly understated, but hip and happening, suburb of Brisbane. Nook runs out of the front of Michelle and her partners home and they have done a great job with its presentation - there's even a rather tasty looking organic garden patch to wander by as you come through the front gate.
Nook already stocks That Vintage and Michelle stocks some of her felt goodies in our very own Ruby Pear!
Also part of the goodie hoard is Hot Toffee - it was great to see some of Nicole's work again.
Kind enough to let me sneak in before opening time - Michelle and I spoke about perhaps stocking some of my candles and melts. I've done up a Vanilla, Pomegranate & Black Currant Soy Candle and a White Tea & Ginger Soy Candle for her and will pull together some different melts for her to play with. I'd would be very proud to have my little candles in her store!
The only thing I am unhappy about is that it opened after I left Brisbane!

All pictures courtesy of Nook's blog

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innerearthsoaps said...

Looks like a great store to have your products in!