Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Bris-Vegas or Bust!

This is my last entry for a little while. Am off to Brisbane for the weekend for a friends wedding.
Ben has been a good friend since about '93 and we have kept in touch through job, city and spouse changes and I am very happy to see him with his beautiful lady, Susie. They are a wonderful couple who deserve to spend the rest of their lives happily together.
They are getting married south of the Gold Coast in Northern NSW. I'm flying up from Tassie alone this trip but am looking forward to seeing old friends and sharing their day with them.
It's a quick weekender, but I've left one day of the trip free so I can visit old 'haunts' in Brissie as well - maybe a little shopping.... Mmmm... IKEA!


n o o k said...


If you get a chance come drop by Nook. I'd love to meet you!


19 Browning St
West End 4101

Robbin said...

wow exciting news. i love weddings (which is why i started a wedding blog haha). anyway i hope u have fun. i love weekenders! :)

D said...

Have fun. When you get back I'll be needing some more of that delicious lime flavoured white-yumminess!