Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Homeward bound for Homespun....

We are finally on the home stretch of a bit of a marathon effort of alchemy in the kitchen and I am officially all 'fragranced out'!
I finished off the last of the Soy Melts and Candles today and everything is all packed up ready to go.
All going well, I just have some printing of menus and pricelists to do and I am all set for this Saturdays market in town.
I am very much looking forward to seeing Mrs Smiths retro cushions, Loz and Dinny's range of childrens clothes and other goodies and That Vintage's array of designer jewellery and accessories. I know there are loads more stallholders coming along and you can check some of them out on the markets website.
Here's hoping for some sunny weather to get folks out of their houses and into the Pilgrim Hall, Paterson Street, Launceston between 10 and 3!!


Pam said...

All the best for the markets Annie. X

innerearthsoaps said...

Good luck with the markets! I'm sure you'll do well.

REread said...

markets are great fun, they can be tiring, but it's nice to hear people say how great your craft is!

evelouise said...

hey annie - love the candles, thanks for saving me a pomegranate one! and the buddhist says thanks, he likes the palm wax ones xxx