Sunday, 13 September 2009

Heady about Homespun

What a great day yesterday at Homespun Markets! Thank you to everyone that came along to chat and support! Totally appreciated.
Brilliant weather too for a change! With the sun out, I am sure folks were more keen to be outside and away from the house.
There was a great turnout of stalls with such a mix of goodies on offer. From Jams and Preserves, to Jewellery, Childrens Clothes, Letterpress, Felting, Cushions, Weaving, more Kids stuff and more!!
Gem from Loz and Dinny has some piccy's on her blog (check out 'Childrens Clothes' above), but there was so much more happening!
Thanks to Tameeka for organising everything - I have never done a market with a Tea and Coffee station for the stallholders before!! Nice job!
The new palm wax candles and fragrances got good feedback and it was nice to see my little soy melts were a polular choice. The next big market is the Niche 3 day market at the end of November. Will needs LOTS of candles for that one!
I will also be dropping off new stock into Ruby Pear in town as well - so feel free to drop in and see what other delights Rachael has in stock!
OK! Enough plugging other blogs for one day! More soon.....!

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