Friday, 2 April 2010

yummy, yummy, in my tummy....

Can you believe it?
Easter.... it's here...again!!!
It has come around quickly this year and hubby and I find ourselves caught out - no plans, no eggs, no sentimental easter cards with bunnies on them....
But I feel I may just have redeemed myself with these little beauties!
Called my Mum yesterday (as you do in situations like this) and asked for a recipe for some chocolate goodies - she came back with this.
Nice and easy, a one bowl recipe, my kind of cooking!
Chocolate Balls (of Joy)
375g Chocolate (I used Milk, but Dark would be yummy too!)
80g butter, cubed
1cp Fruit Mince (I'm not a fan of Fruit Mince, so I chopped up dried Apricots, Prunes and Cherries)
1/2cp Almonds, chopped (I used whole Almonds, but I think next time I will used slivered and maybe toast them too)
Coatings (I used cocoa, coconut and toasted sesame seeds)
Melt chocolate over a double boiler, add in butter one cube at a time and heat till smooth
Add in chopped nuts and fruit and mix well
Allow to cool for 1 hour
Roll into small balls and coat
Leave to cool and ENJOY!

The finished product.... I have been doing some quality testing and I can say from firsthand experience.... YUM!!!


Clare said...

Ohhh!! that sounds truly delightful! What would you like drawn for you lovely?

they all sound so gorgeous, i think i like the sound of the Vanilla, Pomegranate & Black Currant one...

can't believe it's easter all ready! these chocolate balls look sooo tasty. I made hot cross buns today!! :D

Civic Homespun Market said...


hope you're enjoying a quiet and relaxing weekend even though your loved ones aren't close by.

those choc balls look like the perfect pick me up!!!

Isis said...

you sure they are not soaps! yummo

ruby victoria printmaking said...

do you have any of those left?
We are coming to launceston tomorrow and I think we have to visit you !

Narelle x

Clare said...

Lovely! Well i'll have to have a think and organise a print when post easter assesments are done with! I've never done a print for someone before, so it's a bit new to me, but very exciting! Also i feel very flattered that someone would like my illustrations enough to want a print in the first place!! :D