Saturday, 17 April 2010


I had made up a batch of Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Lime olive oil soap a few weeks ago (ignore the pineapple people, it's got nothing to do with this!) - unfortunately I didn't think the aroma came across strongly enough to grab peoples attention.
So I decided to try my hand at 'remilling' the soap so I could add more essential oils.
This can be done to help 'salvage' poorly cured soaps or even on purpose (heard of triple milled soap?) to refine the texture of the soap to make it smoother and lusher.
The good news is it's pretty easy to do.... the bad news is you've got to get out the cheese grater and elbow grease!
The soap balls grated down really easily, and it was interesting to find that my right arm was a wimp compared to my left! I think I got through 3 balls with my right before it cried 'uncle' but 13 with my left and it was still raring to go! Must be my past life in hospitality coming back - all those plates I carried!
Will have to see how they turn out when I roll them (again!). For some more information about 'rebatching' check out Inner Earth Soaps blog entry here.

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innerearthsoaps said...

Lol! I hate the grating too - the other day I rebatched over 2kg of soap and my whole arm was begging for mercy! Still, I'd rather do that than see good soap go to waste ;)