Saturday, 10 April 2010

Wrapping things up....

Have been wanting to get around to this for awhile - especially since I started making the hand rolled Olive Oil soaps.
Thinking of the best way to present and package the soaps, I wanted to keep it in the 'rustic' theme - the soaps are not perfectly round or even, so I didn't think the packaging should be ultra 'glam' either.
Muslin..... how simple it that?!
It also means the soaps can continue to air out and customers can easily smell the fragrances as well.
Thanks goodness that muslin is really cheap to buy - the only fun is cutting out all the squares!!!
Still curing are the Orange and Sandalwood soaps and a second batch of the Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Lime soaps.
I''ve been playing with the recipe as well and have also done up a batch using a portion of coconut oil in with the olive. That batch is another Lavender and Geranium too. Just rolled them today in lavender flowers - can't wait till I can start trying them all!


Isis said...

yeah, they look good in muslin

ruby victoria printmaking said...

these look great Annie, will you be at the first Niche market?
I will be making the trip up for this one after much juggling of a little ruby and working out accomodation we finally are going to make it to Niche i am really excited as i have been trying to get5 to it since i started Ruby Victoria.
I hope to see you there!
narelle x

Joanna said...

these are BEAUTIFUL!

innerearthsoaps said...

Love the rustic look! These are fantastic! x

Pam said...

I like that rustic look Annie. Isn't it great the way something simple can look so effective sometimes? :)

Anne-Marie said...

These are darling. Simple, yet, so elegant. Love it!

REread said...

mmmm i can smell it form here ... love sandalwood