Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Bubba-licious Orange Balls of Fun!

Yep.... these are my latest soap 'play', Orange and Sandalwood Olive Oil soap balls.
It's been quite therapeutic to sit down at the table and just roll away - I still need to wear gloves as the caustic hasn't yet cured out of the soap, but it's always exciting when you see the batch starting to come together.
Next time I might have a play with adding a dash of orange colour somehow, perhaps even using fresh orange juice in the base? It was a bit of a challenge to get the orange segments to stick securely, and I will wait and see if any 'pop off' as they dry out! Ahh.... live and learn.....
Who knows? It's all fun and I am happy to see how each batch I make up turns out.


innerearthsoaps said...

Oh, these are gorgeous! I don't think you need to colour them, they're lovely with the contrast of white and the orange segments together.

I have a few soap balls here that I've started taking to the markets with me for decoration, all piled up in a bowl.

Raewyn said...

Great job Annie!! Love 'em x

Isis said...


Pam said...

Think I agree with innerearthsoaps, Annie. The white and orange make a nice contrast. I imagine the caustic would play havoc with orange juice?? Maybe? What about carrot juice? Or even one of the spices eg, tumeric (yellowish?), saffron (yellowish?), paprika?? Just a thought, or as you say....live and learn! :)

(Noticed that you have one of those very charming (NOT) adult site spamming comments. I've had a few myself and deleted them!)