Saturday, 12 February 2011


Just a quick little post to say a very big 'Thank You' to everyone who emailled, who sent cards and who called up to show their support after my last post.
I was truly grateful to each and every one of you - Mum has recieved some of your cards and she has been so thrilled that people are thinking of her.
She has finished her week of chemo and will stay in hospital for another 3-4 weeks. There hasn't been much nausea, but she doesn't feel like eating much either - the worst of it has been the overwhelming lethargy.
We figure that's not too bad for now.
Her sister is staying nearby thanks to the Leukaemia Foundation's accommodation and so she has someone on hand for company as well.
So , thanks again everyone. From my whole family and me!


Jayne said...

Glad your mum has some company (and lots of lovely people sending cards!). Chemo is a pretty gruelling treatment but fingers crossed that it helps her in the long run :)

Pam said...

All such wonderful news Annie! hugs. x