Friday, 28 January 2011

a favour to ask....

This is just a quick post to ask if anyone would be kind enough to send a few thoughts and prayers my Mum's way.
We found out yesterday that she has been diagnosed with Leukaemia and was taken straight into hospital to start 4 weeks of chemotherapy.
Needless to say, the news was a little stunning.
Unfortunately she is in Townsville Base Hospital, away from most of her family and friends. Her sister is in Mackay, a few hours away and the rest of us are further than that.
I'm hoping to find some cheap plane tickets in the next few weeks, and will certainly be keeping in touch with phone calls and letters.
But I would so appreciate any goodwill folks could send her way.
If anyone is in Townsville, and you would be happy to visit, please let us know - I am sure she would appreciate the company. If anyone would like to send a card, let me know and I will give you the address. Her name is Laurel as well.
Here's hoping for remission at the end of this all.


hot toffee said...

sending positive thoughts and prayers your Mum's way as well as yours & the rest of your family xxxxxxx

D said...

Here's to a speedy and solid remission.

Pam said...

Consider it done Annie! Thoughts and prayers are now winging their way to your mum. So hoping everything goes well with her treatment and that you do manage to find those tickets!
All the best to all of you. Take care of yourself. Big hugs. xoxo

Joanna said...

I am so sorry for the awful news but I am sending but good love your way in hopes for a speedy recovery and hope that you find a quick way to gather some $ to get to your Mom.

Remember to breathe deeply.

xo Joanna

Jayne said...

That's really sad to hear :( It must be so difficult for you and your family not being nearby. I'll definitely be praying for her. My dad isn't well at the moment either (he recently had his second heart attack in a year) so I know how scary it can be when a parent is ill. Hope you both pull through xx