Thursday, 19 November 2009


I am so stoked right now!
The very lovely (and very kind) Tameeka of Civic Homespun Market fame has let me join the online shop she runs through the market website.
I only sent her the information and pictures last night and she has already put the pages up for me!
I even have my own little "candles and soaps" section! How cool is that?!
At this stage I will make any orders as they come in. I'm still small enough to not really have the space (or moola) to have lots of stock on shelves.
Plus I have no idea what people might look at buying, so it works out better for me this way for now.
Check out red bamboo's first online store here!
Thanks Tameeka!!


ruby victoria printmaking said...

you have had your first sale in you new shop!!

Pam said...

Oh well done Annie!!! Congrats, and it looks great. x

marisa* said...

You are wonderful, and amazing! xox Congrats on the new online shop xox

The Purple Finch said...

that’s fantastic that you have an online store, cant wait to check out your stuff at the niche market