Thursday, 26 November 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho.. it's off to Niche we go.....

With a last minute scramble to get stocked for Niche, I have found these great Bath Bombs through my work (we are a clinic and a beauty supplies wholesaler).
I was kind of looking for anything to help me bulk out the table and I use these myself and really like them.
I know that my usual MO is to have made everything myself, but desperate times and all that. Plus having sussed out their ingredients, it's nothing I wouldn't have put in myself. So I am happy with that.
I will have four 'flavours' to sell: Tropical Guava, Hawaiian Lei, Green Tea and Lemon Verbena.
They are all YUM! and last for ages if you break them up.
So now I am as set as I'm going to be and I am trying to just relax and look forward to meeting heaps of new people and getting to hang with ridiculously talented and clever folks for 3 days!
10 till 4, Inveresk Art Space..... see you there!

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Nicole said...

Hey Annie, I hope the market went well for you - I'm sure your display was amazing with all your gorgeous colours and fragrances!