Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Holy Stock Levels Batman!!!

It's two days till Niche and I find myself the only remaining half of a duo. Natalie, who was sharing the stall with me, can no longer join me for the 3 day market and I am now frantically trying to create enough stock for the other half of the stall!
No fault of her own, poor girl has had a multitude of problems hit her all at once. Such is life....
So here I was coasting into the market thinking I had everything set and done a week in advance, but I was up a 6 this morning making more candles and a few batches of soap.
I won't have a huge range of soap to offer this time around (no ingredients) but have done up three of my fav's instead: Vanilla, Pomegranate & Black Currant; Spearmint & Rosemary and Moroccan Rhassoul.
I figure whatever I have will just have to be enough and if I sell out I will just take orders!
Wish me luck!


ruby victoria printmaking said...

argh! you poor thing!
I received the soaps today and they are divine thank you ,I feel kind of bad for having then now lol

The Purple Finch said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, sounds like you are real busy. I know how you feel I think I will be having a few early mornings and late nights as well I am still sewing stock. I just hope that I have made enough. Good Luck x

Pam said...

LUCK Annie!!!!!! You're going to need it! lol.
Nah! You'll be fine. Just stay calm and take it all in your stride. x

Isis said...

OMG indeed! i'm feeling the stress too, but with no one to blame but myself! good luck, see you there x isis