Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Proud finds

Just had to share my latest finds - a pair of goreous leather gloves and a handknitted neck warmer!!
I have lusted after these gloves for some weeks now (Lake Leather at Evandale) and could not resist any longer when we were there today after picking up Father-in-Law from the airport.
They look all quiet and demure with the tan leather and a dash of teal on the cuff (which I can roll up to hide if the occasion demands) but then......
A cheeky little pale blue thumb appears to jazz things along!

This knitted neck warmer caught my attention the other week (Tasmanian Flower Essences here in Lonnie) and since I keep forgetting to take my scarf when heading outside, I thought this was a good idea. Its a little dressy, but its less bulky than tucking a scarf under a jacket. All in all, a good days shopping!

1 comment:

Peg and Kate said...

Love the neck warmer, and those gloves are so cute. I can understand why you just had to have them.