Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Imagination.... will take you everywhere

I just finished reading this article in the latest Green magazine about an amazing aussie lady, Suzie Stanford.
Suzie has a reputation as an 'avant-garde' designer - creating jewellery collections from items sourced from flea markets and auction houses over the world. She is also creating awesome furniture and pieces from things like vintage tea towels, teaspoons and abandoned tapestries and needleworks. She seems to have a real sense of connecting history and present and the often unappreciated work (and heart) that goes into easily discarded art works (like granny's old cross stitch).

Tea Cup Pendant Lights
Teaspoon Lights
Check out her website

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sophiehillartist said...

How awesome are the teacup pendant lights! What a brilliant idea! And yes Annie, Cocoon is going great for me - so happy with that! Can't wait for the next Niche though :o) hope you are well!