Monday, 8 June 2009

northern lights

Another find via one of the blogs I follow - Northernlight Beeswax Candles.
These folks are beekeepers and have an amazing studio that they produce these beautifully simple candles from in the hinterlands of Byron Bay. They aim to 'walk with the lightest step' meaning as well as sustainable practises for their product and packaging - they farm their own food, have their own rainwater supply and generally work in harmony with the natural surrounds.
I think the Prophet series below is simple and beautiful. The pure beeswax candle is set into a handmade ceramic cup - only 2.5 cms high and 4 cms wide - how cute!
They have a small range of products but all are from pure beeswax and come with the knowledge that no bees were harmed in it's production.

Their prices are really reasonable, I love the packaging (recycled boxes and muslin) and I am awaiting my first order as we speak. I love the little ceramic cups so much I am now looking for a way to get some for my own candle range!

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pangging898 said...

I like your post and your candles as well. Thanks for sharing the information. We'll come back often.