Friday, 15 May 2009

Wrapping up Niche Version 2.0

Here's a quick 'plug' for some other great folks from the Niche Markets - can't believe it was 2 weeks ago now!

Dick and Dora is a very 'lustworthy' line of accessories that use acrylic, felt and beautiful ribbons. This little photo doesn't do them justice - they have an awesome website so check it out!

Hungry Kitty kept us all well fed with their range of cookies and cupcakes. I was lucky to get their last vanilla cupcake with the best rose petal icing I have ever had! Contact them at for more information.
Rebecca Roth is a resin jewellery designer based here in Tas. She also has ranges using gemstones and glass beads. I just love the colours and forms that she creates!
The Purple Finch is a great range of softies and other fabric creations that are very lovable and totally huggable!

Poppleberry Puddings and Possumsock Pouches was a family affair with the most luscious, richest puddings I have seen (I had to fight off a little old lady for the very last Sticky Date Pudding!) and a young entrepreneur who had made lovely shoulder bags - she sold out before lunch the first day! I don't have contact details, but the Niche blog may be helpful in finding them! Yum!
Ruby Pear ( was also present with Rachael and family manning the table! A great selection of goodies from the store on Wellington Street and great entertainment with young daughter Maggie keeping them very busy!
There were so many more that I can't fit them all in! Please take a look at the Niche blog ( for a fuller list of all the clever folks I got to spend some time with.
Looking forward to the next one!

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