Sunday, 10 May 2009

More and more Niche-y things!

Just a few more plugs and then I think I am done!

In no particular order....

Dick and Dora ( - I have seen this brand around (even in Bris!) and it has always caught my eye.

I was lucky enough to have Mr Dick and Mrs Dora beside my stall, but did not get a chance to say Hello until late the 2nd day!

This picture does not do their range justice, so I totally recommend a peek at their website!

Poppleberry Puddings had the best assortment of steamed puddings I have seen for a long time. I liked them so much I am pretty sure I elbowed a little old lady out of the way to get to their last Sticky Date pudding! I don't have contact details for them, but will pass them on once I do!

Hungry Kitty sold a great range of home made biscuits and cupcakes - the vanilla cupcake with rose petal icing kept me going for the rest of the last afternoon!

I am sorry I didn't get to try more of their goodies - but from the happy smiles walking by, plenty of other people did!

The Purple Finch has a beautiful range of softies and other hand sewn wonders. I wish I had more time at their stall (

Rebecca Roth is a resin jewellery designer based here in Tassie - her pieces feature gemstones and glass beads (
There are so many others I would love to tell everyone about, but this is another rather lengthy entry and so I would just direct everyone to the Niche blog for all contact details of everyone involved.

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