Thursday, 7 May 2009

Wrapping up at Niche..

Finally! With a half hour spare, I felt I should finally get to sit down and fill everyone in on our great weekend with the 2 day Niche market.
Saturday was crazy with people - I totally did not look up from my stall from about 10am till 2pm! An amazing amount of folks through and some great sales for everyone. Sunday started a bit quieter but was one of those days that more people came through than you realised - very steady flow.
I was able to give St Giles a donation that really amazed me! A percentage of the takings I took, I really thought I would be giving away around $50! Not so. I think the money raised by everyone there was a lot more than we all expected. So thanks to all the people who came through and who took a little something away with them (and told their friends to come too!).
I also wanted to try and get some plugs in for a few other stall holders. It was so busy that none of us really got to see everyone elses, so apologies if I have missed anyone out. But a fuller list can be found at the Niche blog (
Firstly, the lovely Sophie and her vintage inspired jewellery and wraps, was beside me and was such good company. She is just a 'youngun' but has so much talent and pasison for her business ( or - well worth a look. We did a bit of a swap and I scored a beautiful purple wrap which I have yet to find a worthy event to wear it to!

Loz & Dinny always warrants a mention (Hi Gem!) with beautifully crafted childrens clothing. (
The amazing Maya and Sam who created the most amazing paper art work. From delicate flowers to what looked like an explosion of fireworks. Their large pieces were just brilliant and it was wonderful to see so many people walking out with little bunches of their flowers in hand - I hope to find some pictures soon to show.
Another clever lady Susie ( who makes childrens clothes, hair pins and such - such a lovely little stall.
Little Jenny Wren Dolls ( are the sweetest most huggable little soft dolls I have seen. One of a kind dolls made with natural handcrafted fibres. So cute!

There are so many more I want to tell everyone about, but since this entry is looking rather lengthy, I might wait until next time. Enjoy a browse.


sophiehillartist said...

ahhh what a great entry! and what a memorable weekend! thanks for the little "spiel" - hopefully see you around sometime soon, who knows where, but this town is tiny!! x

Loz and Dinny said...

Hi Annie and the Cats. I am still recovering... I'm all post market flippy floppy. Thanks for the lovely plug ...and the lovely soap ... we are holding it special like until your beautiful little soaps run out in the bathroom. We wash our hands with great gusto and joy thanks to you xxx