Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sunday Drives in Tassie....

Thought would put a few words down to go with some photos hubby has taken on one of our Sunday Drives. We like to pick a direction and just see where we end up. Kind of hard to find an 'ugly spot' down here.
I will apologise now, as I probably won't be able to tell you where they are all from. They are just some great buildings and structures.
We are very much enjoying our time here as you can see.

The bridge here is in a lovely little town called Ross. The whole town is very quaint with the obvious tourism ramifications that go with it. An old Police colleague of hubby's dad owns the post office (below), so we took a photo to send to him - complete with crocheted lap rugs for sale out the front!
This beautiful church is on the highway between Launceston and the turn off to Ross - a very cute spot called Campbelltown. We're not sure if it is still in use, but it is such a glorious building anyway.


Peg and Kate said...

Im sooooo jealous!

Nicole said...

Such amazing architecture!