Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Market Update

Time is slipping by and I find myself running around with a hundred
things to do before Niche on the weekend.
But all is not lost as I received the last of my ingredients last Friday and have been busily batching away ever since.
The candles are all done (Tick!), the lotions and body polishes (Tick! Tick!) and I have only two more batches to finish off the the soaps are done too (Yay!).
With a limit on time and a 2 day market to get ready for, I have forgone my usual moulded soaps with the coloured paper wrap and gone for the log style that I can slice into 100g bars. The reduced 'fiddling' makes all the difference!

This is my organic honey and poppyseed log -such a simple soap, but really lovely to use. The other types I have done this time around are: frankincense & rose, lavender & sandalwood, vanilla & blackcurrant, skin sense (with geranium, orange, carrotseed and cedarwood oils), moroccan rhassoul (cinnamon, nutmeg and orange) and spearmint and rosemary. It has been really good to get back into working with my oils, clay and such. It is still as much fun as always! I just hope folks like what I do down here!
I was excited to recieve Cathy's (http://www.pegandkate.com.au/) parcel today - she has been kind enough to let me have some of her brilliant goodies for my stall at Niche.

New is this awesome lunch bag - I have already picked mine out! They are lined with wool so have great insulation and you can use them with an iceblock or frozen popper to keep everything cool. Love it! She also sent some of her great pencil rolls and some made up sets with the Lyra pencils and pens in them already. I am looking forward to introducing Tassie to her wares!


Pam said...

All your "stuff" looks so lovely, Annie. Very yummy! Good luck with the market.

D said...

Hi Annie,
I only just realised that this site was yours.
Beautiful work, by the way.
Hope the market goes well.

sophiehillartist said...

Hey Annie!

It was great to spend the weekend beside you and thankyou for the beautiful soaps - check out my latest blog entry as I did a bit of a spiel on you there!

Sophie :o)

Black Eyed Susie said...

I didn't manage to get a proper look at all your lovely things. I'm a person who seems to sneeze at every perfume on the earth but I'm sure I could have found something! Can't wait until next time.