Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Introducing..... Ruby Pear!

Thought I might finally get to give everyone a sneak peak at a beautiful store that has just opened its doors here in Lonnie.
It's is banded as an 'Eco Savvy' store with everything handmade and a good percentage of the stock by local designers and crafties. It is housed in an amazing little space that has just been waiting for a shop like this to come along.
In there you can find everything from jewellery, to handmade cards, childrens clothing, leather purses, organic cotton rugs to candles and everything in between!
It is run by Rachael who makes the above mentioned leather purses (amongst other things), who lives very close by and often has visits from her hubby and children throughout the day with cups of tea and snacks! That's the life!

Thanks go to Gemma (of Loz and Dinny fame) and Rachael (of Ruby Pear fame) who's blogs I sneakily pilfered these great photos from!


A "cheery" disposition said...

is that a tree coaster? I can't really tell but I love it... whatever it is.

The Ruby Pear said...

It's screenprinted fabric on a backing board that you can hang on the wall:)

mistybliss said...

oooh - another gorgeous shop in Launceston! How lucky are we? can't wait to visit!