Monday, 1 August 2011

upcoming Market fun in Hobart!!

What joy!

red bamboo has been invited to be part of a combined Market effort in Hobart at the end of this month!

The wonderful children and baby market, Mathilda's Market and the designer driven Boutique Markets are sharing space for one day only!

The wonderful Rachael and I got to know each other while I lived in Brisbane - I was lucky to be part of the Boutique Markets in it's earlier stages. Seeing it grow and go from strength to strength has been lovely - though somewhat bittersweet as I could no longer join in the fun!

How very exciting then to see that the Markets are now touring the country and now it's Tassie's turn!

Now, the challenge is to be ready in time!!

With our lovely wellness centre going so well, and orders from other lovely outlets (like here and here) coming in - we are starting to sweat a little with planning and ordering and making!

But it's all still fun and I can't wait to catch up with Rachael again.

Plus hubby and I will make a weekend of it and stay overnight in Hobart - never a hard thing!

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