Sunday, 19 September 2010

Snow in September....

We've just gotten home from a overnight trip to Hobart.
As you can see from the piccies below... it's been a wee chilly down here in September!!
These shots are taken north of Bothwell (home to the Australian Golf Museum!) and on the way to the Great Lakes.
I put my first foot print in snow.... I threw my first snowball (deliberately missing hubby I'll have you know!)... and saw my first snow man/penguin! Very, very groovy!
Tassie... you just keep surprising me.These shots are from the Steppes Sculptures on the same road about 90 mins from Hobart. The Steppes Sculptures are a gift to all who help protect and maintain the Forests and Ecosystems of the Midlands, from Artist Stephen Walker. You need to keep an eye out as they are only marked by simple roadside signs and you can only just see them from the road.What a wonderful way to celebrate this amazing country and remind us to care for it as we should.

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