Wednesday, 25 January 2012

vintage haven in Launceston

Just a quick post to show a recent buy from a local store of vintage-y goodness here in Launceston.
Squirrel and Dove is owned and run by Lisa - who has a keen eye for all things vintage, retro and interesting.

Will get myself organised soon and take some interior shots of the store to show, but for now, I am happily showing off some very funky plates I found there the other day.

I went in to buy a friends birthday present and just could not leave without these....

A set of seven sunflower plates - nearly didn't buy the matching platter but knew I'd regret it if I didn't! We've already had breakfast on our little porch this morning with them - ah...fresh made chocolate and ginger muffins......

This is how Lisa wrapped the present I bought - I thought it was a lovely touch with vintage wallpaper offcut and doiley (can't tell you what's in it's a surprise!!).

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Pam said...

Those dishes are gorgeous Annie! Wonder if I can find any up here or are they locally made and only available down there?

Love the wrapping, so very pretty! I'm always on the lookout for inspirations for wrapping my sales. x