Saturday, 11 December 2010

new candles in stock

Since Niche, I have been trying to restock my shelves at sanctum but have had some trouble with my suppliers being out of the usual containers I get.
The good thing is that it has let me try a few new ones.
I've got a smaller version (70g) of the large frosted tumblers I usually do - I think they are really kind of sweet and they have been received really well from Clients in at sanctum and at the Tamar Visitor Centre Makers Evening a few days ago.
I've also brought in these great metallic votives especially for Christmas - I thought they would make anyones Christmas Table look (and smell) amazing! The light shining through the walls of the container throw out these great coloured patterns.
These ceramic containers are the biggest that I do at about 250g. They will only be a limited offer as I can only get so many of the containers from my supplier.
They look great and I am really liking having a play with new containers and sizes.
I've got some more of these square ones on order plus a few large rectangle ones that I will most likely put a double wick into.
I've just now been able to place an order for the frosted round containers I usually get, though only in a limited number. I've been lucky that the orders I've had since Niche, I've been able to fill with what containers I already had.
Be sure to check out sanctums blog for some pictures I took of the rest of my instore Christmas display too!

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