Friday, 22 October 2010

Week One...

Well, week one is over.
It's been a big, busy, amazing, tiring, exhilarating, frustrating, surreal and awesome week! Boy! That's a bit to cram in to one week!
Still a little bit of 'tweaking' to do - have discovered (along with some of my clients, unfortunately) that there is a space rented in the building next door, for bands for practice..... Mmmmm..... yeah......
Not good to have drum solo's competing with mellow relaxation music and massage therapy.
I spoke to one of the other tenants, another therapist, and she said that they had been down this path before and the council had been involved as well. I don't mind the practicing of music, it's more that it can happen anytime with no rhyme or reason. So it's been challenging trying to figure out my opening times and booking in clients. But will chase it up next week.

Husk Ceramic Soap Dish
Have had wonderful feedback overall and quite a few bookings for this week. Next week is a little quieter, but thats fine. It gives me the challenge to really get into marketing and selling my business to Launcestonians.
My order from Husk finally arrived yesterday (I'm very excited!). So I went in even earlier than I needed to this morning, just so I could play!
Husk Handturmed Ceramic Oil Burners (I love the blue)
Husk Herbal Tea Range

Husk Calico Shopper Bag (loving it!)

Have also created a Facebook Page for Sanctum - am new to this network, so everyone will have to forgive me for any rookie mistakes!


D said...

great to know that you've gone into business, Annie!

Well done!


hideyo. said...

ohh will have to come in and grab some teas. Always looking for more! And is that top pic of a teapot set?? I have a bit of a teapot fetish....

Pam said...

I finally got here to catch up on your progress, and it's all looking and sounding amazing Annie!
Love your logo for Sanctum. Looks wonderful! xxx

Loz and Dinny said...

We dropped by on Monday ... der! Anyway - the flowers Edie picked are looking a little worse for wear ... will endeavour another visit soon. Glad it is all going well, despite future Nirvana types belting it out next door!!