Friday, 20 August 2010

Once more with feeling.....

Yep! It's that time again.... the St Giles Niche all wrapped up Market is coming up next weekend - Friday 27th and Saturday 28th August.
It's come around really quickly and I just hope that I haven't forgotten anything!
Just a little bit of labelling to do and I think I am ready to go. Having said that, I am already having dreams where I am late for setting up and am as far from ready as can be! Hmmmm...
Here's looking forward to lovely weather and a huge crowd!
On other news, I was very fortunate enough to pick up a new stockist locally. Very exciting!
The Tamar Visitor Centre at Exeter is a lovely space created by Karen Burnett and run with the help of a wonderful team of volunteers. As well as tourism information and bookings, Karen has stocked a great retail space of local goods and crafts and has been kind enough to give my little products a go.
Well worth a drop in when next you are in this area.


innerearthsoaps said...

Sounds great, hope you have a fab time! xx

Pam said...

It all seems to be coming on so well for you Annie! yay. Much good luck with the coming market. Sell up a storm! x