Thursday, 3 June 2010

"Won't that make your face go black...?"

This was the comment from the lady in the wholefoods store, when she found out what I wanted to use the charcoal powder I was buying for.
Soap.... yep, soap!
I would like to go on the record as saying, I didn't pilfer the charcoal from our open fireplace or from the last crumpet that didn't survive the toasters' ministrations - this is 'activated' charcoal and is used quite widely as an internal supplement in the natural therapy industry. Charcoal has amazing absorbant properties - ie, if you have swallowed something you shouldn't have, charcoal will absorb the nasty stuff and carry it out of the body. It is also present in 90% of our water filters.
Externally, charcoal acts as a gentle, but effective excess oil remover and helps to purify and exfoliate the skin. Teamed with Australian Tea Tree, Lavender and a spash of Lime and you got yourself one heck of a cleaner that even the boys will love!
This will be a good soap for anyone with problematic or oily skin - people who suffer conditions such as acne would benefit from using a soap like this as well as any grubby hubby's!
I love the colour contrasts between the black/grey and the white - can't wait for them to cure so I can try one!!

This is a batch that didn't make it.
I used organic honey throughout the mix and then got a bit creative and threw in some bee pollen granules at the end (thought it might make an interesting texture and colour contrast). It was not to be! A few minutes after pouring into the mould, I came across a gooey, sticky, jelly, bubbling, overcooked mess! Hmmm.... back to the drawing board!


Nicole said...

Love the round charcoal soaps Annie!
and the other one looks like delicious caramel!

Isis said...

oh charcoal, sounds very interesting. pity about the next ones though. and also a pity it's not edible, it looks so damn good :)

innerearthsoaps said...

That soap does look delicious, even if it didn't turn out!

evelouise said...

Nice work Annie! Looks like you are going great guns! The charcoal soap looks beautiful. Its funny you mention about using it to bind to swallowed substances. Whenever we give it to patients to drink, they do end up with black lips and tongue! Can't wait to try some out. Oh also have to come visit you, Rob's palm wax candles are used up, need a refill lady!