Sunday, 16 May 2010

Morning Tea anyone?

Just wanted to show a rather lovely little spot we have found here in Launceston called 'Tranquility Gardens'. It's a bed and breakfast as well as a tea room. Gemma (of Loz & Dinny fame) put us onto it as we would never have driven in otherwise. Five minutes outside of the city, it is a beautiful place for morning tea or lunch. It's history is as a private residence for a Japanese businessman who created his own japanese style garden. Complete with fountains, a lake and stone sculptures throughout a garden just made for wandering around in. Well worth a drop in if you're in this neck of the woods. As I am writing this, we have a lovely gentleman installing a hand made Blackwood Timber screen door on our house. Now, seeing as it was something like minus 3 degrees this morning, I can't see it getting a whole lot of use until next summer! But this was the earliest that Michael had available to make and install for us. We didn't want to go the aluminium route, and were very pleased to stumble across Michael at the Deloraine Craft Fair last year.

We are really happy with it and are hoping the cats won't use it for climbing practice or claw sharpening! Michaels details are: Michael Thomson Design & Sculptural Furniture (03) 6369 5170 if anyone would like more information.


Angela said...

I have been a Launcestonian all my life and never new about that, where abouts is it?

Pam said...

Your tea room looks beautiful Annie. So peacefully serene! You could lose yourself in the serenity I'm thinking.

Your new door is also beautiful. Such a lovely piece of workmanship. x

Isis said...

thanks for the tip, i had no idea about it!

Civic Homespun Market said...

love the door!

love tranquility gardens too... we live just about 1 minute drive from it and it is a treasure trove. not a funky cosmopolitan cafe, but a gorgeous spot and the accomodation is really lovely and reasonably priced too.