Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Treat for the Feet

I am just finishing up the writing of an Introduction to Reflexology Workshop. After having a few people ask me about one, I thought it was time to get cracking and put something together. I have written it with everyone from the complete beginner to the professional therapist in mind and it covers things like the history of Reflexology, benefits and precautions, basic anatomy & physiology + movements and an actual routine.
Great for anyone who even just wants to treat the other half (or teach the other half the moves and get the treatment themselves!)
I plan to go to Adult Education with it to see what they think, but also hope to be able to run the workshops off my own bat. The next thing is writing an advanced workshop as well that covers more therapeutic treatments and issues.
Reflexology is such a lovely treatment, I love performing this on my clients - it's just so relaxing! And so brilliant at helping a large range of ailments.
If you know of anyone who might be interested do let me know! I figure the introduction workshop will be a one day thing, maybe 6 hours (with coffee breaks of course!!). I don't have a cost as yet, but can get the info out to anyone who wants it. Yay!

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